Top 4 Ways Roofs Are Impacted by Winter Weather in Central Indiana

Friday, December 4th, 2020 by Nate Truncone

Klaus Roofing Systems of Indiana

Central Indiana often sees significant snowfall, and experts predict much of the same this winter season.  Winter weather has unique ways of damaging rooftops and if not protected against, can lead to serious damage.

Here are four ways roofs are impacted by winter weather:


  • Snow—particularly wet snow—can cause roofs to collapse. If your roof is old or in precarious condition, the weight of even a little snow can prove disastrous. Homeowners should monitor snowfall to ensure there isn’t heavy accumulation, as well as watch for sagging and other irregularities.


  • We all enjoy a roaring fireplace or turning up the heat on a cold day, but doing so has a direct impact on your roof. The warm air ascends and reaches the roof, where it melts snow and ice. The melt runs to the edges of the roof where it re-freezes—creating a traffic jam as more melted water runs down and freezes over. As it does, water sneaks its way under shingles and to plywood. Not only does this lead to rotten decking, it creates leaks inside the home.


  • Icicles form along rooftops and gutters. In addition to being dangerous, they create clogs that impede the functionality of your gutter system. Ice blocks are notoriously difficult to remove and people often end up doing more harm than good trying to dislodge them. It’s better to consult a professional roofing company  if you suspect that ice is clogging up your gutters.


  • Wind is common during cold months and has a detrimental impact on roofs, particularly shingles. Wind dislodges shingles or loosens them, increasing the possibility of interior leaks and structural damage. Homeowners should regularly survey the area around their home for fallen shingles and other roofing components.


Anxious about winter and how it will impact your roof? Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate and learn how Klaus Roofing Systems of Indiana can protect your roof against snow, ice, and wind. Our trained specialists use the best materials and techniques to ensure your home can brutal winter conditions.

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